main projects

Over 28 years we have worked on a wide variety of projects as shown further. However we specially take pride in the fact that we have been precursors participating in works related to the Special Projects of Clean Water and Sanitation of the Valley of Mexico, an achievement that we want to highlight.


These projects represent the response to a demand, derived from the excessive growth of human settlements and the lack of urban planning in regards to the existing services, which exceeded the capacity to supply clean water and maintain the sewer system.


New developments have caused the overexploitation of underground waters beyond their natural recharge capacity and have exceeded the drainage system adding more adverse effects to existing problem of the constant ground sinking in the valley caused by the infrastructure.


The challenge has been to recover the hydrological balance in the Basin of the Valley of Mexico and to contribute decisively to the sustainability of the Metropolitan Area in the medium and long terms. For that purpose we are thoroughly committed and we have been honored to have worked in some of the most impressive and representative of such Special Projects.

Casa Colorada Profunda

Planning, constructing and starting-up of the pumping plant of residual and combined waters of 40 cubic meters per second. Equipped with 20 pumps of 2 meters 3 per second each operated by engines running on diesel with installed capacity of 20,000 hp, construction of 3 ports at 30 meters and interconnections between ports of 5.8 meters in diameter. It is one of the world’s largest pumping plants of its kind, built on a lacustrine area over saturated grounds, applying the newest procedures of highly specialized deep foundation.

It consists of hydraulic works, edification, urbanization and electromechanical works.




Constructing the third line of the Cutzamala System, that supplies clean water to Mexico City, section 1.  25.7 kilometres of 99 in-inside diameter and ¾” thick steel pipelines


This work will ensure water supply for more than the 20 million people of the Valley of Mexico.


In 2012 the UN considered the Valley of Mexico as the world’s third most populous area.

Lago Churubusco

Infrastructure works for the construction of the new Airport of Mexico City.


Construction of access roads with tezontle stone for the use of excavation machinery.


Dredging of sediment and rectification of the Churubusco Regulation Lake, Dry Area, South Side.

Santa Bárbara

Constructing, equipping, starting-up and operating during 3 months the wastewater treatment plant located in Uruapan, Michoacan.


A treatment plant with 420 lts/sec capacity with two trains of 210 lts/sec each. The project included hydraulic work, edification, urbanization, electric and electromechanic work.


San Lorenzo

Construction, equipping and starting-up of a tertiary water treatment plant of 225 lts/sec in 3 trains of 75 lts/sec each, as part of the project for the recovery and rescue of the aquifer and the environment in Tlahuac, Xochimilco.


It consists of hydraulic works, edification, urbanization and electromechanical works.

Gran Canal

Cofferdams of reinforced concrete structure in two ducts of 4 mts. in height for 5 mts. in width each, concrete walls from 30 to 50 centimeters thick. Over one thousand cubic meters of concrete were poured in one single day.


It has more than 9 kilometers that were completed in several stages and Grupo Alfer participated in more than 50% of them


Located between Eje 1 Norte and Periferico Norte avenues in Mexico City


Captaciones al TIRR



Construction of 8 catchments to the Remedios River interceptor tunnel of the deep drainage system of Mexico City, catchments 1, 2, 5, 6, 7,  8 and 12 located in Gustavo A. Madero municipal district and the municipalities of Ecatepec de Morelos and Netzahualcoyotl in the State of Mexico.



Plazas Aragón

Construction of a pumping plant in the municipal seat of Netzahualcoyotl, in the State of Mexico (Circuito Mexiquense and Periferico), to pump residual and combined wastewaters into the deep drainage system.


Río la Sabana

Dredging of Rio de la Sabana riverbed and its tributaries, Section V, in the municipality of Juarez in the State of Guerrero.


Emergency works had to be carried out due to the damage caused by the tropical storm Manuel.


Dren General del Valle de México


Infrastructure works as part of the construction projects for the new Airport of Mexico City.


Dredging with Hydraulic and Suction Dredges.


Sediment dredging and rectification of the riverbed of the general drainage system of the Valley, State of Mexico from 9+600 km to 16+600 km and Dredging Channel from 0+000 km to 2+150 km