Casa Colorada Profunda.

Project, construction, and commissioning of a deep wastewater and combined water pumping plant with a capacity of 40 cubic meters per second.

Equipped with 20 pumps, each with a capacity of 2 cubic meters per second, driven by diesel engines with an installed capacity of 20,000 hp. Construction of 3 shafts at a depth of 30 meters and interconnections between shafts with a diameter of 5.8 meters.

One of the largest pumping plants in the world of its kind, built in a lacustrine area on saturated ground, using cutting-edge and highly specialized deep foundation procedures.

Includes hydraulic work, building, urbanization, and electromechanical work.

July 2009 to January 2013
Contract PSVM/PC/PBCCP/07/09

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