Our DNA.

Alfer is the seed company of our business group, founded in 1987 with the vision of making a different contribution to the world. That's why we combine experience and passion to venture into the construction industry.


In a world saturated with options, Alfer has positioned itself from the beginning as a guide, as an authentic voice, determined to change the way we view the industry.

Alfer has always been known for offering exceptional solutions and building emotional and lasting connections with our customers and business partners.

With innovative ideas, we have forged sustainability as an objective from the beginning. To achieve this, we have surrounded ourselves with great professionals such as technicians, architects, and engineers, specialized in the design and execution of iconic infrastructure projects – all admirable individuals convinced of changing and improving the future of our families.

With over 35 years and the assignment of major projects across the American continent, we have consolidated the foundations of our services and solutions, forging new paths in the public and private sectors.


Today, with ambitious expansion plans, Alfer has positioned itself as a leading company in technology, sustainability, and international infrastructure.

We generate plans for the future, but we build them starting today!


We focus on building a team willing to transcend.

Together, we will reach and overcome new challenges.



Carlo Fabio Alvarez Ferreira

His vision led to the creation of one of the most prestigious construction companies in the industry. He remains steadfast in taking Alfer to the next level.


Director of Finance:

Aranza Álvarez Toriz

Renewing thinking is the perfect combination to keep the business vision alive. Ensuring the proper use of resources is ideal.



Diego Hernández Martins

His extensive experience in the construction industry allows us to continue transforming growth and positioning plans in the public and private sectors.


Director of Administration:

Aarón Mendieta

The expansion of Alfer is possible thanks to the proper and timely management of all resources, from financial to human resources, which strengthens us and allows us to accept projects of any magnitude.


Construction Manager:

Israel Rojo

The role of our construction manager is fundamental for planning, supervision, and execution of our projects. His timely work is crucial from start to finish to ensure the correct fulfillment of deadlines, budgets, and quality.

Business Group.

Our business group strengthens us!

Each of the companies within our group offers a different alternative, allowing us to provide comprehensive, high-quality solutions for projects of any size.

Our dedication to excellence and innovation drives us to continue leading the way in the industry, and we are proud to be a reference in the sector, contributing to the development of the planet.

Growth and diversification are common goals in our group.